2 Questions to Answer About Hitler, Marx and Pearson

Part 1: Question 1

Karl Pearson

Karl Pearson argues that the progress of civilization occurs because of struggle of race with race and the survival of the physically and mentally fit race. He argues that civilization comes when people suffer to achieving the best they can which comes in stages. He sees Whiteman to have passed the suffering stage and they are in development stage associated with civilization. Development stage is reached by fitter race as history is about the struggle between races (Pearson 147).
Karl Pearson agitates for the poor nations to feeds its population to prepare them to compete with other rich nations (Pearson 134). Pearson feels it is the responsibility of the nations to limit the internal struggles of its people in order to make it stronger for external struggle and competition. Organizing the whole nation to struggle as united increases the chances of defeating the opponents hence the whole responsibility lies with the nation. For a nation to compete fairly with others, it must feed its people to give them the strength. His assumptions might justify why poor nations do not participate in wars because they are still struggling to feed their population.

In his book, “What Social Classes Owe to Each other”, William Graham Summer argued that a group’s obligation was predestined to be the driving power of the social management. He argued that every social class owes the other, which continuously leads to the struggle. Achievement by any social class leads to conflict as other class looses. His views contradict Pearson who agitates for government intervention in uplifting the living standard of its people. According to William Graham Summer, government’s intervention leads to conflict because there will be no balance as the social classes needs each other for proper functioning of the society.

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