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So, you were assigned to write a book report, the first thing what you will have to do is to choose the book if one has not been assigned.
Creating a book review — or any analysis of a piece of content, such as recorded or live music, or a video — is just a matter of expressing your ideas after you have seen the content material, but there is a common template for doing it.
Creating a good book report requires outlining a lot of data in a small space. Your work is to draw out the primary ideas of a book, and perhaps examine it as well, and after that type it up into a powerful report. Stick to these tips to make the task simpler.


Things to contain in the introduction:

  • The title (underline it) and name of the author of the publication.
  • The reason why you select the book.
  • What type of storyline is it? (adventure? true life? fantasy?animal? family?scary?)

The Main Part

In this part you should explain the primary sections of a report: theme, storyline, setting, and figures. Then you can provide your viewpoints concerning the book.


This is just a sentence or two in your essay to summarize your report. Provide your general viewpoint of the book and the most crucial points you want your target audience to know. You can
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