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“Humility in the English language is the modesty with the lack of pretense. This is the same meaning that Sanders but is in the context of management. According to Sanders, there is the need for leaders to embrace humility. This is the situation where the upper level or top managers of a particular organization lack the belief of their superiority to the other members of staff, who include those that are subordinates. This is the instance that the top management has a low opinion of oneself. There is the reference of humility as meekness although it is not correct to do so. With humility, there is the movement of the organization from one level to another, which is the movement from a lower level to a higher level. Leaders with humility direct their egos far way from themselves due to the larger goal that is the leading of the organization to greatness. This makes these leaders complex as they paradoxically mix severe professional will with personal humility hence are not boastful. This will not only lead to the improvement of the organization, but also there is the reward that awaits the leader. This proves that humility is a source of strength. However, there is the need to differentiate between humility and timidity. In humility, there is the maintaining of pride that one has on the worth and achievements that they have had with time without being arrogant.

Acquisition of humility is through the swallowing of pride of an individual. This will lead in the solving of areas where perfection-ability is involved. This is also helpful in areas where all the parties are trying to make the impression that there all look good. Humility’s acquisition is through the acceptance of the leaders that others are right. This is because no human being is all knowing. Leaders will show the highest level of humility by the use of the simple words, “You are right”. With this, there is the acknowledgement of others as a part of the management process. There is also the acquisition of humility through the leader’s ability to start in the seeking of the others opinion in a particular matter. There is the enhancement of humility by using one’s experiences to try to mentor while coaching other people.

For a leader to be successful there is the need to remain humble. This is because of the benefits that can be associated with humility. There is the improvement of relationship at all levels on the organization. This improvement is in areas that include communication. With humility, there is the good flow of communication in the ensuring that there is the agreement of all people in the decision-making process. There is the encouragement of self-confidence among the subjects of the leader. With the reduction in anxiety between the leaders and the subjects, there is the discussion of issues of that affect them as a group. A humble leader is an excellent example to the subjects. The subjects will view the leader as a mentor thus, the subjects are likely to follow what he or she tells them. There is also the opening of the window that is higher than the ego. This is because, there is the satisfaction gotten from humility as opposed to the ego…”

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