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How to Compose an Outstanding Book Review. What is a Book Review. Main Recommendations.

An academic book review is a proper document that aims to explain, evaluate and examine a particular resource, by offering in-depth proof to assist the evaluation and analysis. Further more, a book review often clarifies how the book compares to some other works on related subject or shows the contribution the book made to a historical theme.

Structure of a Good Book Review

  • Introduction

An introduction to a book review is usually brief and direct. Nevertheless, it must offer two key components: background and a thesis statement.
Background: Initially, your introduction should determine the book and author with an evaluation of any important historic background: Determine what period of time and region are reviewed. Also what is the historical issue or subject matter that the book addresses.
Thesis Statement: Somewhere in your introduction you should present a concise, clear analysis of the book. This analysis is the thesis statement for your book review. Your thesis statement must cover 3 main elements:

  1. What is the key argument of the book been reviewed.
  2. Your analysis of the book; for example what are its strong points and contributions, or weak points and shortcomings.
  3. Explaining what methods are used to show these strong or weak points.
  • Evaluation of the Book

This part should make up the bulk of your review. In it, you will need to clarify and create the analysis made in your thesis statement. Ensure that you use good examples and quotations from the reviewed book to demonstrate and prove your evaluation of the work. As an example, if your thesis states that the work gives a very careful and in depth evaluation of a theme, you must point toward places in the reviewed book just where it does so. In the same way, if you claim that the work fails to recognize a certain viewpoint, give direct samples of places in the text.

  • Conclusion of the Book Review

Your summary should offer a concise summation of your evaluation. Overall, how does this work play a role to its area? What limits does it have? Does it recommend fascinating strategies for future analysis? How does your research of the book assist readers to comprehend the period of time being studied?

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