Doe v. Johnston Legal Research Sample

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“The issue in this case is whether a hospital, physician or other individual is liable for injury or death resulting from a blood transfusion.

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In Doe v. Johnston, the plaintiff, a 50 year old man went for a hip replacement procedure in a hospital facility. However, during the blood transfusion process the plaintiff contracted AIDS. He sued the defendant for negligence and failure to inform him of the dangers of blood transfusion. Doe also pleaded that the defendant failed to inform him of the possibility of donating his own blood for his own use.


In this case, the court ruled in favor of the hospital. The thinking of the court was that the plaintiff was informed of all the implications in the transfusion.


In most jurisdictions in the United States, hospitals and hospital managers are held responsible for failing to correctly handle drugs and operating a blood transfusion system. Hospitals are also liable to protect the lives of their patients while in the vicinity. This includes safety and security issues in the hospital bed, theatre rooms and examining table. This is because patients always expect to get the best treatment from the healthcare facilities.


Patients in the United States healthcare system always expect to get the best care. It is therefore the responsibility of healthcare professionals to deliver the best care. This includes both the care and the facilities used to deliver the care…”

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