Dress Codes In Schools Essay Example

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“The issue of dress codes in schools has been an element that has brought a serious debate within the student body, the parents and other stakeholders in the sector of education. It is important to ensure that the adherence to the school rules as well as create an enabling environment favoring student’s concentration in studies. From my own perspective, I feel that students should not have specific dressing codes for the creation of a free environment. This is due to the fact that schools should be more concerned with educational performance than uniforms.
To start with, students should have the freedom to express themselves by dressing in the way they like. Restricting the way they dress by the introduction of dress codes will mean denial of their freedom of expression. This may turn out to be fatal forcing students to express themselves in a more negative manner. The ways of expressing themselves negatively may be through getting unreasonably rude, being violent or using graffiti against the policy makers of the school. This can prove more destructive since it hinders concentration in the academic issues.

The freedom of choice especially what someone has to wear is part of growing up. The freedom of choosing for oneself what to wear is very important. It allows the growing student to develop responsibly by knowing what to wear and in which occasions. This creates a broad perspective of thinking by exploring the consequences of using some kinds of clothes in given places. This enhances the process of maturity and development and leads to appropriate development of the learners.
The schools should create a type of environment, which is not restrictive to any student. By allowing students to dress as per their wish, schools will enable them show their true colors and cultural identity. This reveals the characters of different kinds of student and gives them the liberty to show their styles. This is important in identifying the learners of deviant behavior, which is easily predictable by the type of clothes worn thus enabling the teachers to take corrective actions in time. It also enables the students to take control of their bodies, which is important and can enhance self-respect and esteem…”

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