Final Exam History Coursework Example

“Final exam

1. Proving at least three examples, discuss the ways that communism appeals to women.

Communism attempts to treat people equally through fair distribution of wealth. It has no division of classes. Communism appeals to women because they gained equality while before there was a restriction. For example, they gained equality in terms of job opportunities and education. In the eyes of the government women are equal to men regardless of their financial stability or educational level (Lansford, 105). Therefore, employees can not hire and fire people on the basis of gender. One more advantage that women achieved from the regime is that there was provision of day care for kids, recreational facilities for their families, and free of charge medical care. In communism, there is collective possession of resources and assets. Women were for a long time considered the weaker sex, but ownership of property erases this line of thought.

2. Explain the emancipation of serfs in Russia and influence that the decision had in later Russian/Soviet politics.

Alexander II believed that the emancipation of serfs would improve Russian’s economic climate, and he feared that the revolts from the peasant would get worse. The peasants had no right of private ownership and some had no access to water and pasture. The emancipation of the serfs led to economic growth between 1860 and 1900, which accelerated over the years. The change of status by the serfs led to a vibrant commercial market. In summary, it led to the 1905 and 1917 Revolutions (Engerman, 88).

3. Compare and contrast NATO and the Warsaw Pact, including examples of both of their actions/ polices.

The formation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and Warsaw was to manage the armed forces with some equality in military procedures so that the army can fight as one instead of many independent forces in case of a war. The US and other countries formed the NATO alliance in order to protect each other from other aggressive countries. It was a military force aimed at fighting the Soviet Union in the event of aggression or a war. Its formation was a calculated provoking action; for example, the launching of the first nuclear bomb by the Soviet Union, NATO initiated a war against the USSR. However, the formation of Warsaw by the Soviet Union saw the control of Eastern Europe as a counterbalance to the west. The Soviet Union also used Warsaw to solve disagreements in Europe; for example, in Poland in 1981. One of the NATO policies is to protecting the countries’ cyber defenses by conveying all of its networks under centralized security and present operational benefits (Van, 240).….”

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