Galactic Universe Book Review Example


The universe is made up of galaxies. Galaxies refers to the sprawling space schemes that are made up of gas, dust and countless stars. According to the video, the numeral of galaxies cannot be enumerated because the visible universe alone may have more than 200 billion (Adams, 1995). A few of these distant schemes are identical to the Milky Way galaxy. The rest are somehow distinct from them. It is also evident from the video that galaxies with lessened stars that are below a billion are regarded as small galaxies. In the present galaxy, the sun is viewed as one of approximately 100 billion stars. The speaker in the video states clearly that there are three primary types of galaxies which are elliptical galaxies, spiral galaxies, and irregular galaxies.
The spiral galaxies like the Milky Way entails of an even disk with a stuffed center and adjacent spiral arms. People on earth are found inside the Milky Way galaxy (Ozick, 1983).
The disk of the galaxy engrosses planets, stars, gas, and dust. All of them are observed rotating around the galactic hub in a habitual way. This spinning motion, at speeds of hundreds of kilometers per second, may lead to matter in the disk which may cause it to take a differentiated shape such as a cosmic pinwheel. Some spiral galaxies acquire even more attractive shapes that issue them evocative names like sombrero galaxies. Older stars are located in the bulge at the hub of the galactic disk (Adams, 1995). Numerous fresh stars also develop in spiral schemes, and their disks are bounded by a halo, which scientists think is wealthy with unexplained dark substance. Milky Way is the best example of a rich cluster….”

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