HK Cinema Final Brussels Movie Review

“HK Cinema final Brussels

There are various ways of passing information from one person to another. Before anyone involves in the process of passing any massage, there is need for the correct medium to be chosen. Moreover, in the process of passing message or any information, the sender needs to consider the target group and be in able to produce the artwork ever. In the modern days, there are various forms of information passing such as cinemas, songs, poems and advert among others (Fu & Dessser, 138). However, one of the common means of information passing used by many producers is the cinema, which involves the production films and movies. There are different types of films with the differences based on the themes and the messages contents to be passed. For instance, some contain love messages, issues involving the society such as discrimination and discoveries such as documentaries that reveals some truth about certain matters. Based on the three movies, “Comrades, Almost at Lover Story” by Dir. Peter Chan, “Kung Fu Hustler” by Dir. Stephen Chow and “Full Moon in the New York” by Dir. Stanley Kwan, this paper illustrate the reflection of love and relationship with the society in different unique ways.

The above movies, which are based on the reflection of various communities from Hong Kong, California and New York, they show how these communities relate to other people especially from different communities. Through the movies, these people are in the position of settling in a new environment far way from their own countries involves in love and be able to stay in such relationships despite of the challenges faced. These moves are seen in the movies as illustrated in the movies to show their struggle and their achievement. For example, in the film by Chan, “Comrades, Almost at Lover Story” due to the problem of un-employment in China, two Chinese mainlanders migrate from their country to Hong Kong in search of employment to make a living (Chan). Some of the ways in which the producer shows how these people from China struggled and survives in the new environment, Hong Kong. Thus, no matter how difficult the situation may be, these people still have hopes for the future.

For the characters to work towards their desire of becoming wealthy, they involves in various relationships to enhance coexistence in the region. For their first days in the Hong Kong, they had to come up with various ways of how to change their ways of living to fit in the new environment before achieving their dreams. One of the ways of strategizing their well stay in the region is through involving in love affairs. According to the film by Chan, the characters involved in various kinds of love affairs based on their desire. In the process of interactions and the development of love relationship among the characters, people learn that the desire of the people to have better living in practiced even by the people of Hong Kong. For instance, through love affairs portrayed in the film by Chan, indicates how people involve in love for different reasons (Chan). In the movies, we find that one of the characters, Leon Lai, who also involves in love affairs, tries to play naivety in their relationship. However, in the real sense, the character knows what he want in live. Hence, he is ready to create any scene for the character to achieve his desire…”

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