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When a student writes a narrative essay he or she is telling a story to the reader. The main aim of a narrative essay is to tell the audience an interesting story or a part of it. Narrative writing recreates your experience, this experience can be something that was experienced by another person or that you have personally experienced.

Main Narrative Essay Writing Steps

  • The first will be choosing and deciding on the experience that you want to present to the audience.
  • Once the theme is selected, you should identify the significance of your experience.
  • Write down all issues that are connected with your experience.
  • Write the outline of the main parts of the story.

By Following these Recommendations, You will Improve Your Writing

Avoid using complex words, all your thoughts and ideas should be clearly described and evenly distributed between sentences and paragraphs. Involve the audience in your story, catch their interest. Your plot should consist of introduction, rising action, conflict, placement, characterization and theme. When writing a narrative essay, try to include all these items.
Narrative essays are usually written in the first person; avoid using the third person (she, he or it). A good narrative essay relies on concrete details and issues to convey the point.

Potential Themes for the Narrative Essay

  • Archiving a goal. You may write about some important achievement in your life.
  • A childhood event. You may write about when you realize how important someone was to you or when you learned something for the first time in your life.
  • A great change in your life. You may write about a change in your life, when something important happened to you or your family.

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