IT Competency Statement Sample on Cyber Security

Writing an IT competency statement on cyber security often is a dreaded process among students. While a competency statement is a significant project you will find a lot of tips a scholar can take that can assist you to break down the procedure into manageable elements. Your IT competency statement on cyber security is not necessarily an opportunity for you to demonstrate all your knowledge about a certain subject, rather it is a chance for you to show that you can easily marshal key points and data in support of a consistent, rational, and interesting case or argument.

“Cyber security is a complex field in information technology since it requires someone with lots of experience in system networking as well as application development. Few people make it to become ‘cyber security expert’ since it requires one to think as a criminal hacker would. In doing so, the expert would be able to deploy security measures to restrict access by the so-called hackers who may gain access to confidential information in the absence of such measures.
In other words, a cyber security expert is one that is conversant with these techniques including encryption, access control, authentication, physical security, threat analysis, and training. According to research, this expert is described using several terms such as “the best of the best” because without him/her, a given company would be in danger or worse still be easily accessible by fraudsters. Those intending to become cyber security experts should have a wealth of experience in Information technology and only then, they would be sort by potential employers.

Human error and ignorance are examples of human factors in information security that have been associated with e-crimes. This means that if employees are not trained on how to share files and do so safely with colleagues on the network, then the company is at risk or worse still operating on dangerous grounds. The reason for this being that the company may be sharing its confidential data with third parties, which is a risky affair. It is the duty of the management side to be knowledgeable in this field and have as much information regarding human computer interaction, design, personal use policies, monitoring, training, sabotage, and human error prevention. With that spirit, any company would be gearing in the right direction as far as data security is concerned. Overall, this knowledge is important to anyone wishing to run a business in future and especially those targeting the line of e-commerce.

Great leaders are able to identify organizational problems before they spread in the various departments. It is also true to say that, the same leaders should be able to prevent the ‘problems’ from happening in the first place. That is why they should be able to distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information and in the process make logical decisions to avoid the so-called organizational problems. With that drive, they may also help their employees with their pressing issues before it affects the working culture. If that happens, these employees may not be able to produce quality work and this of course may affect the overall performance of the organization. The issue of organizational problems lies on the management side and it can be facilitated by having a “great leader” in place as opposed to having just a leader. HR professionals should be keen while looking for personnel to file such vacant positions since their decisions may either break or build the company, depending with whom they choose to hire…”

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