Literature Essay Sample About Immigration to USA

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About someone immigrating to the United States from South or Central America

Jose’s Family and their journey to United States

“Jose spends a substantial amount of time on the bus more than he does with his family. Jose has been separated from his family for about five years, and he only sees them twice a year during his short visits.Jose is a meatpacker at the butchery in Arizona. He has three children, two boys and one girl, who live in Guanajuato Mexico with his wife Ventura. They live in an impoverished ranch with exceedingly poor conditions. This is a long distance from Havasu city in Arizona where Jose lives. When Jose departs to see his family, he finds it difficult to come back to Arizona. However, because of necessities he has no option but to go back. Jose lives as frugally as he can in a boarding house, in Havasu city. He does so to save as much as he can so that he can afford to legally bring his family to the United States. He hopes that in his next return, he will be able to bring along his family with him.

The journey from Arizona to Mexico is exceedingly long and tiring. When he gets to Mexico, Jose takes a cab to the ranch where his family lives. While in the cab, the driver tells him of how the crops have gone to waste that year. “Nothing is in the farms”, the driver says to Jose. The farms are dry and have nothing. There is a severe drought that has decimated the land that was at one time immensely fertile. The farmers are exceedingly poor to the extent that they can hardly raise the fee set by the government to enable them dig wells. This has left all irrigation water only accessible by the rich. Many people in this part of Mexico, like Jose, have abandoned farming in search of better opportunities in the United States.

When Jose arrives at his family’s ranch, the mood is sweet and lively. There is a celebration in the small Ranchito which is made of wood and is nested at a mountain base. It sits on a land that was once full of wheat, sorghum, and corn. Jose’s family is particularly hopeful that they will have access to the paperwork that they require to be able to migrate to the United States. Jose and his family do not consider crossing the border illegally. “With enough paper work, they can go and come back as they, please, but as “wetbacks”, that will not be possible”, says Ventura. “This is because when trying to cross the mountains, one suffers a lot”, she adds.

Just like many parents in his rural area, Jose and his wife Ventura could not afford to take their children past the sixth grade. They hope this will be different when they get to America.
When Jose goes back to America for the last time on his own, the family bids him a tearful goodbye. He is fully determined to secure the required. He knows that nothing is a guarantee in life, and he believes that whatever he is working on will be like an inheritance for his family.

On his next visit to his family ranch, the family is ready, and they have an interview with an immigration agent in about three days. The trip to Arizona is tiresome and costly. There are motels and fares for the whole family that Jose requires as well as Mexican passports and the U.S visas, medical examination, application fees, and photos. Jose and his family wait in line on Juarez River, which is in the border of Mexico and the United States. “The river is Mexican, but the waters are United States”, jokes Jose. Jose complains about the low levels of water in the river and says that if they had the water in Mexico, there would be no need to migrate to the United States…”

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