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Orthodontic Tooth Movement Results

“This process combines the pathologic and physiologic reactions to the exemplary applied forces. They are exception of the tooth drifts that tend to resemble eruption. The orthodontic tooth movements are comprised of minor reversible injuries of the teeth-supporting tissues. The superimposed physiologic adaptation of the alveolar bane results to mechanical strains. The relevant inflammatory mechanism requires consideration along the mechanotransduction of the orthodontic tooth movement. Despite the differences, there is one similar factoring both the orthodontic and the tooth eruption movements required in the intervention of the biologically active soft tissues and periodontal ligaments. The clinical picture of the orthodontics constitutes of three main phases, the initial and immediate tooth disarticulation; impediment, where no appointments that take place, diverse created finite elements models.

The finite elements evaluate the transformable loads from the tooth to the periodontal ligaments to the alveolar bone considering the physical properties and the formation of the periodontium. The periodical ligament is also referred as the non-linear visco-elastic organs, with the orthodontic elements that incorporate the homogeneous, linear elastic and the continuous periodontal ligament properties. The finite elements account for the compression and tension of the teeth development. There are two fundamental requirements of the orthodontic tooth movement occurrence.

They include:

I. A soft tissue that intervenes between the tooth structure and the alveolar bone, that is regulated to the adjacent issues

II. A bone turnover that is temporary and it partially regulates specific translocation of the teeth through the alveolar bone.

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