Organic Farming American Economy Research Proposal

Writing an organic farming American economy research proposal seems to be a terrifying task amongst college students. While a research proposal is a significant task you will discover a lot of guidelines you can follow that will assist you to break down the procedure into manageable elements. An organic farming American economy research proposal is not necessarily an opportunity for you to show all your understanding on a certain subject matter, rather it can be a chance for you to clearly show that you can easily marshal information and files in support of a sequential, rational, and convincing case or argument.

 Importance of Organic Farming to the American economy

“It is without doubt that America dominates or ranks higher among the highly industrialized countries in the world. As well known, industrialization goes hand in hand with increased number of production, processing and manufacturing plants that rely on heavy consumption of energy, either fossil, or renewable hydroelectric, nuclear or solar power. As industries increase alongside the undertaken processes, carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere or general environmental pollution also increases. Rise in the level of environmental and atmospheric pollution to be specific has the threatened to spoil the ozone layer, and even resulting to severe global warming. The seriousness of and reality of global warming has invited concern from among many industrialized nations like America to start reducing their levels of emissions and general environmental pollution (Francis 23). Organic farming and abolition of inorganic methods of farming is just one of the main and direct options that can America attains significant successes in achieving the mission.
Organic farming refers to a method of farming that involves extensive use of natural land tilling techniques like crop rotation, use of green manure, application of compost manures and biological methods of pest and herb control. Organic farming basically involves limited or no use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides (Little 3). There are also no manipulations of plant growth or yielding processes by use of hormones, antibiotics or genetic modification of the plants.
Adoption of organic farming in America will witness great steps made towards environmental protection. This will be an assured success considering that it will foresee a shift from extensive use of leaching and evaporating chemicals that are very harmful to the lives of animals as well as very reactive when exposed to the atmosphere (Holt and Matthew 8). To steer achievement of the goals set in ensuring reduction of the effects of global warming, America still stands to benefit from organic farming in many ways. Organic farming has the capacity of increasing micro nutrients in the soil that can facilitate proper growth of crops for many decades (Lockeretz 7).
The fact that organic farming involves limited or no use of synthetic chemicals makes it the best to enhance productivity of very natural and safe food components. Eyhorn declares that feeding of livestock by use of organically raised plants and crops helps reduce sicknesses, diseases, and increase natural taste of the products (6). Consumption of organically produced food components is also very important among human beings considering the capability of organic food to reduce cases or prevalence of cancers and other hard diseases that are difficult to treat…”

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