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How to Write an Outstanding Speech in a Short Period of Time

For many people, the idea of facing a group of people and talking is really frightening.
Composing a speech and making an essay have a lot in common, because the one is written and read while the other is spoken to the audience, but there are differences to take into account that differentiate a speech and one that people read.
Creating a truly excellent speech or presentation needs a great deal of planning and practice. Ideally, you would need to have enough time to rehearse, plan, and improve your words and knowledge. However, often things go wrong.

Speech Writing Recommendations

  1. Prepare your speech in accordance to the event, thinking about the occasion, the target audience, the tone of the presentation and its length.
  2. Determine the concept or theme of the presentation, and how you are going to approach it.
  3. Create a powerful beginning that gets your audience’s interest, by using a joke, an anecdote, a quote, or a challenging problem or assertion.
  4. Manage the items so that they support and develop each other, and include or omit details in order to support your general meaning and to fit into your time period.
  5. If you are completely satisfied with the last draft, ask several persons to evaluate it for you and to identify any content material in it that may not be suitable for the situation, any defects in the organization or clarity of thought, any difficulties with sentence structure or word usage, and everything that is not essential or is incomplete. Change the draft if required depending on the feedback.
  6. Make sure to allow sufficient time for your target audience to ask questions. If you have composed and presented your speech successfully, then you can receive the positive feedback from your target audience.
  7. Practice. As soon as you have your speech created, practice it a few times until you feel satisfied with the complete presentation. Whenever possible, gather a few reliable friends to listen to you and offer helpful criticism.

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