Presentation or Speech Sample on Defining Moment

Writing a presentation or speech on defining moments often seems to be a difficult task among students. While a presentation is a large project there are numerous guidelines a college student can use that will help to break down the task into manageable components. A presentation or speech on a defining moment is not really an chance for you to display all your knowledge about a specific topic, rather it is a opportunity for you to reveal that you can marshal pieces of information and data in support of a consistent, logical, and convincing case or argument.

“Australia is one of the unique countries in the world located Far East. It culture is unique coupled by a number of defining moments. Healthcare concerns amid rising global concerns form part of the defining moment. Australians have their own explanations as to where dreadful diseases such as HIV/AIDS originated. Such cultural stereotypes are what make a defining moment in Australia. According to Australians, HIV and AIDS was an import form America that was mainly carried by gay men frequenting cheap Skytrain flights amid Francisco and Australia in the 1980s. This issue was first raised in the 1980s when the diagnosis of the first AIDS case was done in November 1982 in Sydney and the first AIDS death one year later in July 1983 in Melbourne, Prince Henry Hospital. In the 1980s, Australia had a rapid upsurge in the HIV/AIDS caseload (Plummer and Irwin, 2006). The victims in both cases were gay men, and hence it was believed that HIV and AIDS was a disease for the gay men. Between the years 1983 and 1984, the HIV upsurge was rapid among some 4500 gay men in Sydney along the inner eastern suburban, as compared to the small extent in Melbourne (Rachel 2011).
An augmenting population of men infected with HIV became an area of concern for Australia because most of its citizens became weak at an early age and later died due to the virus. Another concern arising from the close relationship between gays and Aids was that, the HIV would spread to other areas of the country form the gay men through injecting drug users (IDUs) hence affecting the larger heterosexually active persons/population. These issues made the Australians have a negative perception on the gay men and hence make them not acceptable into the society. This is because the Australians believed that there was an integral association among AIDS and the sexual and lifestyle choices of gay men. During this time, AIDS was viewed as disease of deviance and immorality (Plummer, & Irwin 2006).
The issue had major significance in Australia as it the media debated the advantages of compulsory testing for the gay people as well as ban gay and lesbian events and isolating people with AIDS. It was however, a defining moment when the AIDS activists effectively developed a platform to challenge the homophobic attitudes as well as to unravel the public view of HIV and AIDS from homophobia (Mccurter 2003). The AIDS activists comprised mainly of gay men who mobilized a response to HIV, which comprised of nurturing relationships with compassionate journalists as well as giving the data regarding medical and scientific aspects of HIV and AIDS. This issue depicted Australia to be a biased country in that, since the first HIV case affected a gay person, the country was blinded to investigate or research on other causes of the HIV virus. This resulted in seclusion and led them into believing that gay men were the source of HIV and AIDS, and that any other person affected by the virus was an innocent victim of circumstances…”

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