Profession IT Proposal Sample

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Profession IT Proposal

“Business is evolving in the contemporary scenario. Companies are becoming increasingly competitive due to the technological advancements adopted. This is no different for the t-shirt business where IT has become an integral aspect of the business. With this consideration, it is essential for business regardless of their size and market share to adopt IT solutions in order to be progressive. Team Apparel is a growing t-shirt company. This means that the company’s mandate is growing progressively in the market. With this growth, there are consequences, which may impede the effectiveness and efficiency of the business in the long term. This necessitates the adoption of technology to streamline its operations to ensure that it remains competitive in the contemporary scenario. The current business scene has become increasingly aware of the significance of technology, especially IT, in enhancing business operations. Therefore, it is imperative the team apparel adopts this trend in order to facilitate business sustainability in the increasingly competitive market. Adoption of IT solutions for the company will focus on several aspects of operations.

These aspects will include file management, financials, client management, and order processing, communication, websites, shipping tracking and real time inventory. The IT solutions also required by the company will involve internet connectivity. Follow-up services like maintenance are also essential to ensure the effectiveness of the IT solutions. These technological adoptions will enhance significantly the operations of the company hence facilitate growth in the long term. However, the adoption of technology will require specialized expertise in terms of advice and work force. Therefore, it is apparent that careful deliberations are essential when a company is looking to adopt new technologies in its operations. This proposal is sentient of the technological needs of organization and has formulated effective and pragmatic solutions for the company. The proposed solutions are tailored for team apparel hence enhances its business operations.

Proposed IT solutions and their Benefits

“For the IT solutions to be implemented in the organization, it is essential that the entire infrastructure, which is required, be provided. Some of the technical requirements essential for this endeavor include workstations and laptops. These computer systems are essential to facilitate the employees to access the benefits of the IT infrastructure. Computers will enable the business to digitize its operations by accessing the IT services, which have been identified in the proposal. For the computer systems to be effective, it is essential that there are sufficient software components including the operating system. Mobile devices are also essential to ensure efficient communication and internet connectivity. IPad, laptops and other wireless devices will be integrated to ensure flexibility in the system. The IT infrastructure will be enabled to facilitate the use of mobile infrastructure. A server is essential to provide the organization with IT capabilities by reducing the overreliance on external infrastructure. This will ensure that the company has the power to manage its resources internally as opposed to sharing this resource with external parties. This will encourage self-sufficiency for the company and is a long-term investment for the organization concerning IT…”

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