Reflective Journal Based on Learning Activities Example

Activity 1.1: Understanding Domestic Violence (DV) in a Family Setting

“I have always strived to understand the meaning of domestic violence and what the reasons behind it could be. The conventional discussions revolve around domestic violence as something that is caused by one member of the family (Humphreys & Campbell 2011). Mostly, the father figure is usually the violent person. It is such discussions that go on to give various standpoints on what entails to DV. There is obviously a huge mismatch in definitions as majority of the society interchange, rather unfairly, the terms abuse and violence (Goldstein 2012, p356). Conversely, these are two extremely divergent issues in a family setting (Humphreys & Campbell 2011). 
There are a few theories that could explain the reasons behind domestic violence in a family. However, it is the systems theory that made much sense to me and the implications that it has on matters of DV (Button, 2010, p135). The theory argues that DV cannot be attributed to only one individual. Instead, DV is broad enough to encompass all the interactions of all the family members. This implies that one interaction within the family influences the rest. For example, a child will interact in class with the rest of the students in the same manner that the parents do at home. This could explain why majority of bullies come from families that have a history of DV. Therefore, taking the behavior of the student individually is biased since it avoids taking the rest of the family into consideration (Button, 2010, p135).

Activity 3.1: Child abuse and neglect

Recent times have seen huge discussions on the issue of child abuse and neglect. Most people take child abuse to represent the physical harm that is exacted on children. Other standpoints include those of the more infamous act, sexual abuse. Nonetheless, it is surprising to note another form of abuse that has been ignored by both the society and the researchers. Emotional abuse has a much severe impact on a child even more than the physical and mental abuse (Sullivan & Bybee 2012, p299). In fact, it is usually the origin of the other two. If a child subjected to this type of abuse carries these experiences to the future, then they are likely to influence their lives and behaviors. …”

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