Religious Studies Article Review on Pondering Poe

Producing a religious studies article review on Pondering Poe generally appears to be a scary task for scholars. While a religious article review is usually a significant work one can find a lot of steps you can take that will assist in breaking down the procedure into manageable elements. Religious studies article review on Pondering Poe is not necessarily an opportunity for you to show all your knowledge on a certain subject, rather it can be a chance for you to indicate that you can easily marshal specifics and data in support of a coherent, rational, and compelling case or argument.

“When considering the religious views of Edgar Allan Poe, most scholars seem to agree that Poe seem to have little religious conviction in the conventional sense. On the contrary, his views on organized religion seem to been fairly negative. Still, Poe does seem to be concerned with spirituality, life after death and the origin and nature of existence. Certainly, there are certain works by Poe that seem to give a bit of insight into his thinking about faith, religion and God. This paper will attempt to look at two works by Poe to try to glean some understanding of his actual religious beliefs, if any. First work that will be considered is Poe’s short story The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion, published in 1839. The second work that will be examined is Eureka, a prose poem published in 1848.

The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion takes place in the future after the destruction of the world. Two individuals named Charmion and Eiros encounter one another on some ethereal, metaphysical plane. It is unclear whether this is heaven, limbo or some other location, but it is clearly an existence taking place after life. The story itself revolves around Eiros describing to Charmion how the world came to an end. An interesting point in the story is that Charmion is unaware of this because he was already in the afterlife. In this way, for suggesting that those who have passed on to the next life have little or no knowledge of what is passing the world they left behind. In addition to the scientific points that Poe makes about the comment and the gases that destroyed humanity, Poe makes use of biblical allusions to make reference to the Apocalypse. Interestingly, the world in this version of the Apocalypse comes to an end not because of divine intervention, but because of a scientifically explainable phenomenon. This suggests that Poe, even if he thinks there is a God/Creator, does not believe that this God directly intervenes in the affairs of men…”

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