Threats to Aviation Industry Research Paper

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Threats to Aviation and its Global Impact

“The aviation industry has been indicated as the fastest growing transport industry in the world. This is due to its reliability and time saving characteristics which has increased its demand among travelers. These developments are attributed by the construction of additional airports and runways thus increasing the landing area of planes. Innovation in the airplane construction industry has also increased due to the advancement in technology. These innovations have improved the power, speed and capacity of the planes leading to increased quality services in the industry. This industry involves both passages and passenger transportation and its development have increased globalization by minimizing the time used to travel from one continent to another. Since 2000, the number of airline companies established has tremendously increased, and this has led to having flexible schedules which increase reliability (Upham, 2003). This has increased competition in the industry leading to attractive charges and flying schedules reducing travelling limitations. These companies have ventured into global travel with emphasis on remote areas such as Africa and the Middle East. The key threats to aviation include terrorism and hijackings which increase insecurity in airplanes reducing the reliability of this mode in the global context.

Aviation involves air transport, which has been proved to be detrimental in most cases due to its effects on the environment. These effects are attributed to pollution and noise caused by airplanes which affects the existence of the public in the vicinity of the airports. These effects are also felt by people living along the flight lines which have detrimental health consequences. The environmental effects have caused government policies to be established which regulate the aviation industry threatening its development. These effects will be discussed in detailed during this research the policies developed by governments and other global environmental bodies (Flouris & Kucuk, 2011). Different solutions have been established which try to resolve these problems in a bid to reduce the effects of aviation. These effects will be analyzed to understand the most appropriate conditions which can be used to reduce these effects and improve the aviation industry.

The major threat to aviation and passenger safety has been identified as terrorism and hijackings which have been on the rise recently. Terrorism involves strategically crafted missions on hijacking airplanes to make monetary demands from the government. These efforts have increased insecurity in the aviation industry which translates to its unreliability. Aviation security has raised concerns among most governments especially with the rise of Al Qaeda groups which are the most popular with these actions. These insecurities include in flight bombings, aviation hijackings and missile engagements which have increased fear among travelers on their safety during the journey. The Middle East especially Saudi Arabia has been rated as the highest terrorist group which has terrified most airlines. Security threat to aviation will, form a crucial section of this research in analyzing its effects, probabilities and causes. Different solutions to these threats especially by the American government will also be analyzed in a bid, to ensure security of the passengers…”

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