Tourism the World’s Largest Industry Report Sample

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Tourism the World’s Largest Industry

“Tourism presently is the largest growing industry showing no signs of slowing in the 21st century. Job creation in the travel and tourism is growing one and a half times faster than any other sector in the economy with many locals working in jobs sustained by visitor spending. Tourism being a cultural activity as it impacts on the traditions that develop it, the people that are involved in it both the visitors and the locals and the societies that provide the tourism services. The industry also has a substantial impact on the environment (Eversham 2012).
The higher education programs in tourism place a strong emphasize on the economic and social contexts of tourism. They provide a firm ground on the cultural, economic, environmental and social aspects in the pursuit to achieve sustainable tourism development and responsibility especially the environment. The strong emphasize placed on this sector is a clear indicator of its significance to the economy.


There has been a broad prop up by the international tourism ministers showing support of a global e-visa system to help cope with the rising numbers of people expected to travel around the globe in the next 10 years. The elimination of visas for ease of travel has also been considered but due to the terrorism threat it has been kept on hold. The tourism industry together with the security departments should work hand in hand in the development of common standards in order to up hold security for the travelers.
The tight visa restrictions have had a negative impact especially among the Chinese tourists making various destinations lose billions in tourism revenue. Therefore, through the relaxation of the visitors’ entry requirements, respective countries gain million additional tourists. There is also an urge especially for the UK tourism industry to initiate a dual handing out of the British and Schengen visas in a offer to win a bigger share of the mounting and lucrative Chinese market.

A hi-tech for holidaymakers to pay via fingerprints has also been introduced instead of worrying about carrying cards and cash while on holiday. Pay Touch is a revolutionary payment service that uses biometrics – once clients have registered their information, their fingerprints can be used to pay for everything, including hotel services, drinks, petrol etc,. The service being free for holidaymakers, and industries connected to the Pay Touch network can be used to offer advantages exclusive to users such as prizes, discounts, promotions and private access.


This is a basic need in tourism as lack of it leads to difficulty in the development of even the best places in the world. It is by far the largest and most ubiquitous subsector within the industry. With very few exceptions, travelers require allocation where they can revive during their travels. Hence, accommodation is a crucial support facility in the destination areas. Accommodation forms the focal point of hosting the visitors where they pay a specified fee in return for a specified service.
Development of accommodation facilities result to growth of resorts and places of leisure for the tourists, that is relative to the demand for visiting a specific locale. Recent trends in the industry have seen growth and changes in the nature and form of the provision of the accommodation natures as the sub sector has traditionally being viewed as a tourist attracting business. Tourists seek the quality of the hotel for both authentic and for some elements such as relaxation and fun (.Hirst2003). A keen interest in the maintenance and improvement of accommodation is crucial as it is a dominant sector within the industry…”

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