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No matter what type of paper you are writing – dissertation, college essay, report, speech, resume, or other course work – you will have to stick to the main rules and instructions that will help you to create a really brilliant work.

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How to Plan a Research Paper

You will have to write research papers on numerous occasions. This type of work is time consuming and requires that you find reliable and relevant material for the research. Make sure you start early, as this type of work usually requires several days or even weeks to write it properly.

Research Paper Writing Rules

  • The first thing when writing a research paper is choosing, narrowing, and focusing on an appropriate theme for the work. As a rule, research paper themes are assigned by tutors, but occasionally scholars are permitted to choose their own topic.
  • When the topic is selected, please gather appropriate data for the research. Select only reliable and relevant material for the paper. Make notes of important issues that you want to include in the work.
  • Determine a thesis statement for your research paper. A thesis statement is an opinion that you intend to prove. It should be written in a clear and understandable manner. Usually it is written at the end of your introduction paragraph.
  • Write the outline of the research paper, determine how many paragraphs you want to include in the work. Distribute the material between the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. When writing an outline, you will have to consider: main issues of the theme and provide answers to the task questions.
  • Now you are ready to start writing the introduction. Here you will present the contextual material of the research paper and the background.
  • In the main part, you can use the outline as an example. Build your research paper around the main points. Analyze, explain, and evaluate all material.
  • In the research paper conclusion, present the main idea of the work, show the significance of all your findings.
  • When the paper is written, revise it properly. You may also give it to someone who has good academic writing experience; this will help you to avoid misprints, grammatical and lexical mistakes.

To compose a powerful academic research paper you will have to pick the theme, generate the thesis statement, focus the research, organize, write, revise and proofread the work. When writing the research paper, be sure to apply these recommendations and you will undoubtedly receive good grades.

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Placing Your Order

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