World Hunger Speech Essay Sample

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“Need: (Within the framework of disasters, hunger claim the biggest proportion of recorded deaths.)
Statistics: (it is estimated at 9 million people succumbing to death annually. While 1.2 billion, are immensely affected by hunger due to mal nutrition, (Peoples and Bailey, 97). Basics account that world hunger is caused by poverty and the changing weather patterns. However, while such observations true, other opinions subdues such an argument. A close observation reveals that the world is abundant with enough food to feed the rest of humanity.

Research indicates that, the world has enough food production plentifully sufficient to feed about 4 pounds of grains per person daily. Shockingly, even nations that have plenty of food reserves, a section of the population starve (Peoples and Bailey, P. 68). The reasons for such occurrences are the foundation for research by academicians, government stakeholders and policy makers; for the actual reasons why there is unending hunger in the world. The world Bank Report asserts that an estimated 60% of malnutrition cases occur in countries with adequate food production (Bassett, Alex and Winter-Nelson, 2010).

Action step: (This implies that increasing food production is not a bearable option to eradicate hunger in the world. For example, the green revolution was a strategy developed by the World Bank in conjunction with various relief organizations across the world. The strategy achieved remarkable food production in, Mexico, India Brazil, and Philippines (Peoples and Bailey, P. 234).Nevertheless; a keen observation revealed that hunger was still a problem in the aforementioned states.)

Evidence: (The reason for huger prevalence is because; focusing on food production hinders distribution strategies, which ensures that food reaches those who deserve it. On the other hand, hunger is prevalent in the world due to natural disasters such draught, storms and floods. Whenever Natural disasters occur, the poor and vulnerable like children are the most affected in society. This can be due to denial by due powers the capability to obtain land or they earn low wages that cannot sustain them throughout their lives, (Winter-Nelson et al, P.123).)

Another postulation why there is world hunger is because of large-scale farming. Many researchers have posited that large-scale farming is a remedy for world hunger, nevertheless given that, a bigger proportion of farmers are in the Agricultural sector and practicing small-scale farming. They have the ability to reverse the trend since small scale farming cost -efficient way of food production. Researchers have found that, small-scale farming attain a high output per acreage since they exploit their farms more often and use intensive techniques to realize a continuous outcome. World hunger can be eradicated if the affected regions embark on land redistribution guidelines. It is not an easy strategy; however, Brazil has attained food security due to land redistribution techniques (Almeida and Transnational Institute, P.78)…”

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