Writing Case Studies within a Day

Case studies can help students provide a thorough analysis of a situation. The first point to consider about your case studies is that the work should have a clear problem for the reader to solve. Any case study should contain enough material and information to enable the reader to arrive at a resolution. Some people compare case studies with writing detective stories. Your main aim is to create a scenario to keep your readers interested.

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Follow Main Rules

When writing case studies, you will have to follow three basic rules. First, you will have to undertake proper research. Find reliable material and information relating to your theme. Once the issue, or situation, that will be covered in your case study is determined, you will have to interview people who are experienced in that particular area. Ask different questions which will help you determine the main point of the issue. Next comes the analysis phase. In this part of your research you will need to sort all gathered data, so the situation will be comprehensible to the audience.

Formulate the main case study problem in a few sentences and describe it to the reader. Organize all sections of the paper: introduction, main body and summary.
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