No matter what type of reviews you want to write, book, movie, restaurant, music or any other type, some basic recommendations will help you to succeed. When writing reviews, it is very essential to organize all your thoughts and viewpoints carefully.

Good reviews should be both informative and entertaining. The main purpose of your review is to give a clear estimation concerning the question (the film, book, event, or play). Your reviews will be more successful if they have a proper content:

  • Brief and catchy introduction
  • Detailed description of contents
  • Comparison with other things of that kind
  • Assessment of value
  • Summary
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Reviews Structure

Any good review should have a clear structure to help your reader to catch the main idea.

  • Title with sub-title
  • Opening paragraph with the clear thesis statement
  • Main part of review. Set of paragraphs 500-1000 words
  • Summary

Some Do’s When Writing Reviews

Provide your audience with interesting examples or brief quotations. Do not write very long review, your reader will become bored, only short and to-the-point papers. Do not be too negative when estimating another point of view.

Note to self, that professionalism is in details, provide reliable facts and materials and do not use abuse language.

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