Successful Speeches Recommendations

At some point of your career you will realize that writing powerful speeches is an essential skill. Before writing your speech make sure that you have chosen an interesting and catching topic. A good topic is 30% of success.

When the topic is chosen, you should be ready to outline the factors and issues of the main idea. Write the thesis statement, the main idea of your work, usually it should be written in one or two sentences. Include three basic elements of the paper: introduction where you present the theme, main part with the evidence and the summary.

Using these recommendations to write presentations or speeches, you will make things go much smoother. You should practice a lot, the more you practice the better results you will have.

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Speeches Time Frame

Usually speeches should last 30 minutes. Below you will find a schedule:

  • opening – 1-2 minutes
  • preview – 3 minutes
  • main part – 20 minutes
  • review – 2-3 minutes
  • summary – 3 minutes

It will be a big plus if you write something funny at the summary of your speech in order to leave your reader with a positive final word. Speak slowly, clearly, and loudly. Try to be natural and do not sound rehearsed. Avoid such words as “it’s like”, “um”, “I don’t know”.

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